Photography Site

Photography Site

We got these top tips from our new favourite site - of the Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer! Two niches of photography that you could consider going into...

Conference Photography
Behave as a flower pot, you are not there to be seen, credited, applauded or even noticed. Keep an eye on the background of every shot, not to bring into the picture anything strange coming out from the body of the subjects.

The flash may be a nuisance, even if your pictures can come out blurry. Set your ISO to 900 or higher to reduce blur. Shooting fast increases the chances of good pictures and reduces blinking and unwanted movements people usually makes while eating or talking.

Be aware that at a conference many laptops, recorders, cables and other cameras will be present and do not bump or trip on any colleague.

Funeral Photography
Sounds preposterous, but you’ll be surprised how many studios practice it. The main focus should be the family, the flowers and the deceased.

Ask the closest members to sit together or stand casually, NOT in front of the coffin, rather at the side. Do not get into the emotional side of it.